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Wherigo Kinzua Eagles 

  • Average Rating: 4 stars
  • Created by: MickEMT
  • Submitted by: Premium Member MickEMT
  • Start at:  N 41° 50.460 W 079° 00.680
  • Location: Pennsylvania, United States
  • Play Time: Less than 1 hour
  • Date Added: 2/4/2011 5:11 AM
  • Last Updated: 7/19/2012 4:07 PM
  • Downloads: 686
  • Completions: 12

The first Wherigo cartridge in the Warren PA area.

About This Cartridge

This Wherigo cartridge is at the "Big Bend" area below the Kinzua Dam. Along the way you will need to read the informational signs and correctly answer four questions before reaching the cache. Pay special attention to any information about the bald eagle! This cartridge and cache were placed for the "Caching With Eagles II event on 02/05/2011. 

Starting Location

Big Bend Visitors Center. After completing the cartridge and finding the cache, this is a great place to visit. 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member imoutnabout played it on 2/6/2016

Rating: 4 stars

Played on my iPhone 5s and everything ran flawlessly...until the end. This is only my 2nd game played so I may be doing something wrong. Got to the end, saw what I thought was the code, but the game didn't seem to complete, so after some fiddling around, I just hit Quit or something like that. Entered what I thought was the code here to unlock it and the code doesn't work. Other than that, I really enjoyed this one.


Groundspeak Premium Member glofaw411 played it on 5/1/2015

Rating: 4 stars

Had a great time here with Whitefeather11 and Stitch27 doing our first Wherigo cache ever. I had researched it at home and downloaded the proper things to make the WhereYouGo app run correctly on my Galaxy s5 and it ran flawlessly. At the final we didn't understand how to unlock the codeword and thought we had to do it from what was on the phone. After researching it, it appears you have to "save" the game and then go online to the wherigo site and type it in there in the "unlock" section. Hope this helps somebody else. All in all, we had a great time, a nice walk, loved the area and the information we learned. Didn't see any Eagles though. Thanks for a really nice new experience. I hope to do more of them.


Groundspeak Premium Member tyro-n-www played it on 3/31/2013


Went up to the dam to try to finish this one today after getting all the way to the final earlier this year only to not find it. Found it easily today and I don't know how we missed it earlier. We must be blind. Got the code word and the unlock code but getting the code was very frustrating because the cartridge kept crashing our Oregon 450 every time we tried to write it down but we finally got it to work long enough to record it.This is our first Whereigo and it certainly was a learning experience. I uploaded the saved game to the website to record our completion because I wanted to see how that worked. The next one I will use the unlock code. No eagles were around today. They probably are dispersed all around the Allegheny watershed now as it is their nesting season and they no longer need to rely on the open water below the dam for an easy meal. Thanks for all the effort involved in creating these games.


Groundspeak Premium Member secretagentbill played it on 2/4/2012

Rating: 4 stars

This is the first Wherigo that I played. I was at the dam for an eagle watching event and gave this a try. It was neat, I got some good info, and ended with a nice cache hide. I couldn't 'unlock' the cartridge though, because there's no tourguide with a code at the end. But it's a neat concept and I could see how these could be used to build some cool tours. I might have to try a few more and maybe build one someday.


Groundspeak Premium Member A2G played it on 9/10/2011

Rating: 4 stars

This was our first Wherigo cache, so it's hard to make comments. It went along very well until the end. The cartridge said that we would have to enter the code on our GPS, but after we located the cache and got the code (at least we THINK we got the code - the cache was extremely unclear), there was no way to enter it on the GPS. It became a frustrating walking in circles arguing over what to do until we gave up. We can't figure out how to enter it here either. Otherwise - we enjoyed the adventure. Thanks!


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