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At the Edge of Madness (Cthulhu Called 3) GC2C5FN 

  • Average Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Created by: Woyi and Waya
  • Submitted by: Premium Member Woyi and Waya
  • Start at:  N 35° 01.973 W 079° 02.113
  • Location: North Carolina, United States
  • Play Time: Less than 1 hour
  • Date Added: 10/31/2010 4:55 PM
  • Last Updated: 11/7/2010 6:17 PM
  • Downloads: 176
  • Completions: 9

Horror-themed Wherigo Adventure Geocache to be used in conjunction with Geocache GC2C5FN

About This Cartridge

Horror-themed Wherigo Adventure Geocache to be used in conjunction with Geocache GC2C5FN

Journey through the dark side of sanity until you reach the Edge of Madness. As you trek through the wilds, your Sanity will be tested in many ways. Your Sanity level, an unexplained Timer and YOUR choices will determine the final outcome of your journey. Can you make it to the end with your Sanity intact before the Timer runs out?

NOTE: Game semi-works across most tested devices. However, emulator play is recommended BEFORE field play. Game will automatically save your progress every couple of minutes in case you run into problems and need to restore.

Those playing on the Emulator or smartphones (Nokia, Blackberry, WinMobile, Android, I-phone, etc.) should download the 'Pocket PC Device' version! 

Starting Location

Driving down the road towards your home... 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member EarthBooty played it on 11/28/2011

Rating: 5 stars

AWESOME! Geocaching keeps getting better and better! Thanks for introducing me to this!


Groundspeak Premium Member fanugler played it on 8/29/2011

Rating: 4 stars

Got it. Very well thought out wherigo. Grand adventure. Thanks


Groundspeak Premium Member abnduo&spawn played it on 12/22/2010

Rating: 4 stars

Well, we plan on completing the Cthulu series tomorrow, I had to find a way to complete this Wherigo because I don't have a supporting device. I stumbled my way through on the Emulator in the Wherigo Builder for Windows. Hope it works out. Copied down the coords and so forth. Here goes nothing!


Groundspeak Premium Member Ranger Fox played it on 11/4/2010

Rating: 5 stars

3:43 PM - FTL w/david&diana

I saw when the cartridge was listed, even before the cache. I was VERY happy to see a cartridge published within the state. I usually have to travel much farther to find Wherigo geocaches. I really wanted to be the first to find this cache, but just couldn't spare the time to make a trip down to Fayetteville. It was October, after all; after the sun goes down, I can only be found amongst the stuff of your nightmares. I photograph haunted attractions and post the pictures to

I had played through a few permutations of the cartridge a few days prior, trying to figure out how to use that statue (without success). Thus, when we arrived, I knew what to do, where to go, and what to expect. I'm also well-versed in Wherigo mechanics. Thus, I gave my Colorado to Diana so she could get some experience. At the first stop, I wondered what fool buys an auto-locking car and leaves his keys inside. Then again, the car door's locking could have been the result of the mystic energies released in the vicinity.

After the intro scene, I ditched the car close to the trailhead because we wouldn't have a use for it for the rest of the cartridge. I let Diana wander around and accumulate some sanity points. It seemed to me like something out of CadavEarth. After that, we followed the trail. We read the part about some sort of booming sound like a drum. Half a minute later, we heard the sound from afar. I was very pleased to see you worked that sort of thing into the cartridge's story; mucho kudos for that.

The story progressed and I led Diana through the steps and dealing with Wherigo's UI. The recent rain provided us with three tricky stream crossings on the trail, each more difficult than the last. At one crossing, a log didn't roll as I expected; my leap off left one foot in the water for a second. I was dry quickly after that, but due to my misstep, I acquiesced to the terrain rating.

I won't spoil the rest of the experience and I need to stop the story short so I can accommodate my usual cartridge review. After all, I only have 4,000 characters to write this.

This is one of the most meticulously-created cartridges I have had the pleasure to play. The attention to detail was amazing. I recognized the attempt at animation from other cartridges I've demoed. (It's a hit or miss thing depending upon the device and the player's attention.) The icons and attention to their employment did not escape my notice. (The Colorado, of course, does not make use of icons everywhere it could.) The story idea was excellent and, as I mentioned, I enjoyed the tie-in with the sound in the area. The occasional paths one could take on the trail was nice, though the dead end was achieved too quickly. The zones were spaced just far enough apart, though I did not like having to zero out at a few zones (I'm very particular about this). The chance to acquire an item was nice, though I just couldn't find where to use it; the item's usage command never came up the several times I checked. The two hour time limit was baffling. I wondered what would happen if I left the cartridge running for that amount of time. I would, though, suggest making a beep sound when displaying the seemingly-random message boxes as you walk along the trail (I didn't have time to check to see if it's due to invisible zones, a timer, or something random).

Overall, I enjoyed the cartridge and would recommend it to others. There are relatively few things that need to be ironed out and even less things for me to suggest. The cartridge is stable, the story interesting, and presentation superb.

Thank you for creating a Wherigo geocache in North Carolina!

--\/- Ranger Fox
Wherigo Illuminati


Groundspeak Premium Member decemberinside played it on 11/2/2010

Rating: 5 stars

Not bad. Will play again sometime to try out the different routes


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