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The Nailsea Wander 

  • Average Rating: 3.5 stars
  • Created by: Corporal Gore-tex
  • Submitted by: Premium Member Captain Gore-tex
  • Start at:  N 51° 26.073 W 002° 45.130
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Play Time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Date Added: 3/8/2008 9:41 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/23/2008 3:38 PM
  • Downloads: 305
  • Completions: 6

Stroll round this Somerset village to find a physical geocache; GC1A0R4 credit to Nigel from dogastus for his valuable help. Revision notes v1.0 = larger zones v1.1 = new answers

About This Cartridge

This is a nice but long wander round a few sites in Nailsea. Answer a simple question at each to move to the next stage, which will only become visible when you have the correct data.

You should plan for a walk of some 2 hours to complete the cartridge.

There is a physical cache at the conclusion of the trail but you may only log the cache on completion of the cartidge and sending me your completed GWS file.

The Starting Location is a free car park well placed for this wander.....Good Luck 

Starting Location

Free car parking to be found at the start. 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member Monki. played it on 12/7/2013


A good long wander.
Unfortunately my oregon failed at the final location but luckily we did find the cache.


Groundspeak Premium Member unowho67 played it on 12/7/2013

Rating: 4 stars

I really enjoy wherigo caches so today we decided to head down to the Bristol area to do a few . We set off and saw some interesting places to begin, we took the direct route to the 4th zone and the road was quite busy then after a steep climb we enjoyed the views over to Brean
We headed back down and enjoyed the walk to the final location when we arrived at GZ one by one the Oregons experienced a unexpected error and shutdown, but we had the hint and so began our search. It took us quite a while but after a 7 mile walk we were determined to find this one, and then 'Super Simon' (Mr unowho67) found the cache, we were really pleased to be second to find the newly replaced log book
I have uploaded a photo of how happy 'Super Simon' was

There was no unlock code in the log book, I did try variations of the words stamped in the back of the book on my iphone which had worked OK all the way round, and the Blue Nora also tried in her Oregon because after she had walked out of the zone she was able to get back in the game but none of them worked. I will upload our file on the wherigo site.

Many thanks for setting this wherigo, we walked further than we had expected to and it took us 3 hours, but fun was had by all.


Groundspeak Premium Member Blue Nora played it on 12/7/2013

Rating: 4 stars

We certainly earnt our smilie for this one. Lovely walk in the area which took us on a true Nailsea Wander. My Oregon worked perfectly until I got to GZ where it crashed unfortunately, as did the others. We all searched using the clue and just when we were about to give up Mr Unowho67 shouted that he had found the cache.

We tried to enter a number of words into Mrs Unowho's iphone that had stayed working but to no avail. My Oregon spluttered into life once more but I was not able to add the correct word either. F

Thanks for setting the wherigo - always fun to do.


Groundspeak Premium Member Delta68 played it on 8/17/2013

Rating: 3 stars

Decided to do this one by bike using one Oregon and using the second Oregon to refer to the OS map.
Player locked up at the fish farm zone and wouldn't resume so returned to the start and this time played with both Oregons
Surprisingly long 'wander' and both Oregons gave up at GZ and wouldn't resume.


Groundspeak Premium Member Chaotica_UK played it on 5/5/2008

Rating: 4 stars

Wow, this is some cache. You really need a good pair of legs to complete this one. Did this with Hugh Jampton, and if it wasn't for his support, (food, umbrella, GPS and Map carrier), and his enthusiasm we would have completed this in two halves on separate days, as it was we actually took almost 5 hours and thats not counting returning to complete a previous stage (I'll explain in an email) We had a few issue with the PDA actually recognising we were at the right spot a couple of times which was frustrating, not sure if this is was a PDA issue or the 'zones' set out in the cartridge. The last stage starting point was an inspired guess between us both and the 1:25000 map. Left Ruby Ramsbottom TB and took one of the 2007 Diabetes coins. Thanks for a good cache and an education in Whereigo.


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