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  • Average Rating: 4 stars
  • Created by: Rusty o Junk
  • Submitted by: Charter Member Rusty O Junk
  • Start at:  Play Anywhere
  • Location: n/a
  • Play Time: Less than 1 hour
  • Date Added: 4/10/2013 5:41 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/4/2023 6:12 PM
  • Downloads: 10550
  • Completions: 54

This wherigo is a simple puzzle that can be easily solved in the field but a pencil and paper may be helpful. The playing field is divided into 9 squares arranged in a 3 X 3 grid. There are 9 number items in the game numbered 1 through 9. As you start 2 of the numbers are already placed into the grid. The other 7 numbers are in your inventory. Your job is to place the correct number into the correct box in the grid. Instructions are in the cartridge under TASKS in the main screen.

About This Cartridge

This cartridge may be played for geocaches in several states. As the cartridge starts you choose from a list of states with wherigo geocaches included in the cartridge. Upon completion of the puzzle you will be given the GC number and coordinates for the associated geocache in that state and none other. For another state you may restart and play the cartridge again.

Not all states are included in the cartridge. If you would like to add your state to the cartridge visit this webpage. (visit link)

A map and list of states currently in the cartridge may be found here. (visit link)


Starting Location

This is a play anywhere cartridge. It requires an open space of about 200 foot square. Parking lots, parks, fields all work well. Start the cartridge when you are standing in the center and the grid will be created around you. 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member ghs played it on 5/29/2022

Rating: 1 star

This game is incoherent. And even if it made any sense, it's virtually impossible to use on a sunny day. Phone screens just aren't visible in sunlight. Calling it a play anywhere WIG is a lie If it was a play anywhere WIG, I'd be able to play it inside my house. The cache in Ohio associated with this cartridge will be on my glorious Ignore List very shortly.


Groundspeak Premium Member forestofdreams played it on 10/4/2021

Rating: 5 stars

Played this cartridge to get coordinates for the CO hide, in advance of an upcoming trip in that direction. Cartridge worked beautifully in the Android WhereYouGo app. Enjoyed solving the puzzle and dropping the numbers in their expected location. Hope to sign the log next week!


Groundspeak Premium Member Sabby played it on 7/24/2021


Went to the school parking lot so I would have enough open space. Wherigo went well and I had it solved fairly quickly. I’ll have to look for the cache the next time I am in Portland. Thanks.


Groundspeak Premium Member Sabby played it on 7/23/2021


Went out after dinner tonight and completed the NY one without any problem. Thanks.


Groundspeak Premium Member Ahern Clan played it on 3/5/2021

Rating: 4 stars

I enjoyed playing this as it has been a while since I’ve done or whereigo. I was able to play it on my iPhone and had no problems.

I probably should’ve read the directions earlier and I would’ve save myself a lot of time. I was just randomly dropping inventory into squares not realizing what the purpose of the game was. Once I got it figured out it was pretty easy.

Thanks for the fun!


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