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Sadie's BiG Adventure 

  • Average Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Created by: Ranger Fox
  • Submitted by: Premium Member Ranger Fox
  • Start at:  N 36° 05.566 W 079° 50.486
  • Location: North Carolina, United States
  • Play Time: Less than 1 hour
  • Date Added: 2/14/2009 4:50 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/22/2012 6:20 PM
  • Downloads: 278
  • Completions: 5

About This Cartridge

Sadie's BiG Adventure (GC1MPG6)

A day in the Bicentennial Gardens turns into a small adventure when you find someone in need. 

Starting Location

Anywhere in Bicentennial Gardens. 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Regular Member MST Hiker played it on 6/8/2017

Rating: 5 stars

Woohoo!!! I found my first Wherigo Cache!!

With my phone app properly configured this time, I had a much easier time playing the cartridge. It was fun going around the gardens, interacting with all the people only I could see.

When I got to the end and near GZ, I was a little too excited that I reached the end, and I hit the next button twice by accident. Thus, I missed reading the clue on how to find the cache. I tried searching what I thought were likely spots nearby, but had no success. So, I restarted the game and played it again!

This time, I was careful to not to skip very important messages. I looked around for several minutes at area where I was lead to, but still no success. After checking some of the logs for hints, I went back to my car to fetch a small TOT to aid in the search. With the new aid in hand, it didn't take long before I heard the cache. It was VERY well disguised in it's hiding place. When I opened it up, there was the log, in great condition.

Thank you Ranger Fox for creating this adventure.


Groundspeak Premium Member tbbiker played it on 8/20/2015

Rating: 4 stars

I had trouble with the cartridge when I played it a while back but today it performed flawlessly on my Garmin Oregon 550t. I enjoyed the game and with the tour of the park. It would be nice to see this type of game created using today's technology. The only bummer to the whole thing was that I could not locate the finale at the end even after a pretty good search so I get no smiley :(. Thanks Ranger Fox for creating this fun Whereigo. tbbiker


Groundspeak Premium Member piker played it on 11/9/2012

Rating: 5 stars

This was so much fun, MI_Spike first experience with a WhereIgo. It was great, however we walked in circles initially.


Groundspeak Premium Member MI_Spike played it on 11/9/2012

Rating: 5 stars

Complete this with 1/2 of the Piker team.


Groundspeak Premium Member krazy tribe played it on 4/2/2011

Rating: 5 stars

We had a lot of fun today on Sadie's Big Adventure! Our own little Sadie enjoyed the adventure, too, as we pushed her through the gardens in her stroller. Thanks for our first Wherigo cache!


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