Cartridge Version History

9.39999999999998 (4/25/2016)

Added: Staff coordinates Added: Extra easter egg

8.69999999999999 (11/27/2011)

Added: Converstion of physical quantities

8.59999999999999 (11/14/2011)

Added: Value A=0, B=1, .. Z=25 Bugfix: Made it possible to change radius

8.49999999999999 (10/21/2011)

[new release] 8.5. Added: Rot13+5 and Rot47 Bugfix: Prevent radii becoming 0

8.39999999999999 (9/17/2011)

Bugfix: Variable in proximity Bugfix: Regex in conversion to Roman numbers Bugfix: Replaced deprecated functions Thanks to matejcik for reporting this issues. These bugfixes will remove many (but not all) of the problems when using this cartridge on openwig (WhereYouGo)

9.09999999999999 (12/12/2012)

Added: Assign values to characters for the calculation of the value of texts. (In Dutch: Dynamisch stapeltellen)

9.19999999999999 (12/16/2012)

Added: Relative projection Added: Nautical mile as unit of distance Improved: Usability of dynamic values

8.29999999999999 (2/14/2011)

Added: Prime Factorization

8.79999999999999 (12/20/2011)

Added: Possibility to enter bearing degrees in H DD MM.MMM and H DD MM SS.S format (23 45 for 23.75 degrees) Added: Distance in degrees (and minutes and seconds). One nautic mile is very, very close to one minute. Added: Conversion of physical quantity: Pressure Bugfix: Several minor

8.89999999999999 (1/3/2012)

Added: Solve the Snellius-Pothenot problem (In Dutch: Achterwaardse insnijding) Bugfix: Circumcenter sometimes gave the antipodal point

7.99999999999999 (10/28/2010)

Added: Military (NATO) mil unit for angles Added: Mirror transformation (A=Z, B=Y, C=X, etc.)

8.19999999999999 (1/25/2011)

Compiled with new version of urwigo

2.5 (6/22/2010)

Removed block comment in source in an effort to make the cardridge downloadable

2.4 (6/22/2010)

Edit description in an effort to make the cardridge downloadable

2.3 (6/22/2010)

Trying to upload a version that can get downloaded

2.2 (6/22/2010)

Check if this upload works

2.1 (6/22/2010)

Added intersection between line and circle

2 (6/22/2010)

Added swapping of points with other points and zones Bugfix when calculating intersections of circles

1.9 (6/22/2010)

Added projection of points

1.8 (6/22/2010)

Added intersection between lines

1.7 (6/21/2010)

Added intersections of circles

1.6 (6/18/2010)

Added hack so my orgeon won't crash after updating point coordinates More sensible significant numbers for altitude and position

1.5 (6/18/2010)

Added distance and bearing between two points

1.4 (6/11/2010)

Added Numerical base conversions Added some more images

1.3 (6/11/2010)

Added Value for A=26, B=25 etc Added Environment variables and unlock code Imporved some texts

1.2 (6/10/2010)

Fixed typo

1.1 (6/10/2010)

Added calculation of values of strings Added images/icons

1 (6/10/2010)

9.29999999999998 (9/24/2014)

Added: Discworld navigation Added: Fathom as unit of distance

8.09999999999999 (12/25/2010)

Added: German translation (by inkasso)

7.89999999999999 (9/19/2010)

Bugfix: Also store TXT table

7.79999999999999 (9/19/2010)

[added] use a - for coordinates on the western and southern hemisphere

7.69999999999999 (9/10/2010)

Added: EBCDIC encoding Added: Better heuristics when parsing text, hexadecimal or decimal values Bugfix: Crash on entering illegal ASCII values

7.59999999999999 (9/2/2010)

Bugfix: Off by one error in caesar cipher labels

7.49999999999999 (9/2/2010)

Added: Numbers to caesar chipher Bugfix: Some typo's

7.39999999999999 (9/2/2010)

7.29999999999999 (8/30/2010)

Turned of extended debugging

7.19999999999999 (8/30/2010)

Bugfix: Crashes when entering nonnumerical characters at numerical input e.g. 12-3

7.09999999999999 (8/25/2010)

Added: Vigenère cipher

8.99999999999999 (5/23/2012)

Added: Pocket Decoder encoding and deciphering

6.99999999999999 (8/23/2010)

Added: ASCII Conversions

6.89999999999999 (8/22/2010)

Figfix? Values

6.79999999999999 (8/21/2010)

Added: Symbols for units are now case insensitive

6.69999999999999 (8/21/2010)

Removed os.setlocale, crashes on Mio Walker P350.

6.59999999999999 (8/21/2010)

Added: enter values with unit Bugfix: Typo

6.49999999999999 (8/19/2010)

Bugfix: no nil when trying to determine the values

6.39999999999999 (8/18/2010)

Fixed bug in ceasar cipher

6.29999999999999 (8/18/2010)


6.19999999999999 (8/18/2010)

Bugfix: Crash when returning from an input without entering a value

6.1 (8/17/2010)

Added: Units in question for bearing and radius Fixed: Typo in Nederlands

6 (8/17/2010)

Bugfix: Crash when returning without entering a text for morse Bugfix: Save settings for language and units

5.9 (8/15/2010)

Optimized language parsing

5.8 (8/15/2010)

English as default language

5.7 (8/15/2010)

Re-implemented language selection

5.6 (8/15/2010)

Removed display of cardridge version Default language to English

5.5 (8/15/2010)

Full Dutch Translation

5.4 (8/13/2010)

Removed cardridge version since that was causing an upload error, that became visible when downloading

5.3 (8/13/2010)

Cardridge Version added

5.2 (8/13/2010)

Removed Cardridge version

5.1 (8/13/2010)

Little editing in Envrironment

5 (8/13/2010)

Allen environment weg

4.9 (8/13/2010)

environment weg

4.8 (8/13/2010)

Unlock weg

4.7 (8/13/2010)

Ook de talen weg

4.6 (8/13/2010)

Alleen de units weg

4.5 (8/13/2010)

Wherigo character weg

4.4 (8/13/2010)

Rigoureus gesneden

4.3 (8/13/2010)

Zijn de teksten misschien te lang

4.2 (8/13/2010)

Perhaps the comment caused the exeption

4.1 (8/13/2010)

Let's see if the trema on the o caused the exeption errors when downloading

4 (8/11/2010)

Added: Multilingual functionality and some Dutch translations

3.9 (8/10/2010)

Added: Show version of the cardridge

3.8 (8/10/2010)

Added: Cardinal directions Bugfix: Spherical geomety for sepecial points in triangles Bugfix: Other minor bugfixes

3.7 (8/2/2010)

Bugfix: Correct parsing of lat/long in HDDD MM SS.S format.

3.6 (7/28/2010)

Added: Dutch Grid

3.5 (7/26/2010)

Added: Configuration option for units Bugfixes

3.4 (7/20/2010)

Bugfix when entering no longitude

3.3 (7/19/2010)

Added encoding and decoding roman numerals Added value according to phone numbers Added images in "space look"

3.2 (7/2/2010)

Added: Full Ceasarian decypher Updated: All values under one action

3.1 (6/30/2010)

Added: Exit to all choices Bugfix: Crash when exiting an input

3 (6/26/2010)

Fixed bug lattitude cannot be changed Updated graphics at choices

2.9 (6/26/2010)

Bugfix crash when swapping point with zone

2.8 (6/26/2010)

Added two extra points, can be used as temporary storage. Added distance between one point and all other points Select points by name, not by letter

2.7 (6/26/2010)

Added calculation of Incenter and Circumcenter of a triangle Added set point op current location Buxfix crash when entering of latitude or longitude is aborted Reorganised menus

2.6 (6/25/2010)

Added Points can be renamed Added Orthocenter and Centroid of a triangle