Cartridge Version History

1.6 (8/20/2016)

Changed clue for Wigo 3 again since the posts seem to get hit by cars.

1.8 (4/3/2019)

1.8 This update changes the final location for WIGO 4 due to construction at the old final spot.

1.7 (3/19/2017)

This version updates the final cache location since the old location is now a construction zone for new homes.

1.4 (5/29/2011)

Clarifies one of the questions based on feedback from a recent user.

1.3 (5/29/2011)

Fixed some of the zone transitions to get it better.

1.2 (5/29/2011)

I had the coordinates for the first WIGO off by 350 feet west so this should fix that problem.

1.1 (5/22/2011)

This version updates the coordinates for the 1st cache based on feedback from the first ones running this one.

1 (5/22/2011)

1.5 (4/1/2012)

This version updates the clue for Wigo 3 - Thanks to TK7464 for the heads up!