Cartridge Version History

1.1 (2/3/2014)

Changed some messages

1 (2/3/2014)

1.2 (2/10/2014)

Added input loop, choice input, bearing altitude, number of measurements overall and per cycle

1.3 (2/14/2014)

Added Sound command (Stop and nullsound), added Item Standby Check, small changes in text.

1.4 (2/17/2014)

Task query in a function, some small changes

1.5 (4/4/2014)

Fix : Input Loop on Garmin, New : Test Show Screen functions, Task on click, Zone command

1.6 (7/27/2014)

New : Check the length of text on button(s), New : Objectdetails to check the ShowScreen Objectdetails command, Update : Standbycheck, now shows the progress as alternating item name, Update : GWZ with UTF8 format

1.7 (9/23/2014)

New : Set timer duration on timertests, New : Input with pic, New : Check Linebreak in item pics and chars

1.8 (11/18/2014)

New : Itemicon, -name und -description changes at phone 3, New : Markdown Language for text formatting, New : Items in Playerzone, New : Vector to Point test, New : Reciprocal commands (soup,spoon), Bugfix : Inputloop only accepts EXIT (uppercase)