Cartridge Version History

1.9 (6/16/2018)

Disabled some checking and updated for the current statue positions.

1.5 (5/4/2013)

Replaced Statue C and added Statue H.

1.8 (5/13/2015)

And added an icon for statue H.

1.7 (5/13/2015)

Corrected a misspelling.

1.6 (5/6/2014)

Fixed a spelling error.

1.4 (11/11/2009)

Reverting to the previous version. The problem was an issue with the site that I'll have to report to Groundspeak. Apparently, it didn't like my link to the geocache listing, but was okay with my link to the park's schedule.

1.3 (11/11/2009)

Oregon update. Why must I move everything to author functions even though the cartridge is sound and valid?

1.2 (11/10/2009)

Locked the cartridge down. Forget about testing for "desktop", I have a better way. This is how to have fun with cheaters! Note: You can play the cartridge up to a point in the Emulator.

1.1 (11/9/2009)

Disabling test code for final release.

1 (11/9/2009)