Cartridge Version History

1.8 (5/4/2013)

New final location and clue.

1.5 (12/9/2009)

Removed the OnEnter/OnProximity conflict at the courthouse, which I believed was causing the crash on the Oregon. I also added some text to the message prompting you to look for the planet; most everyone didn't realize what I wrote was a hint, so I made it more clear. Yes, the planet is difficult to find. If you still can't find it, just go on the road due east.

1.4 (12/17/2008)

Oregon users experienced trouble with the previous build. I created this one by removing some security I had initially built into the cartridge. Colorado users did not experience a problem.

1.3 (6/14/2008)

I switched zones to register on both proximity (usually 30 feet) and when the player enters. This way you don't have to have the Colorado zero out (which was a pain). I also updated the clue to "The Planet", which is really difficult to see. Just look beyond the fairway. If anyone experiences problems with this version, please let me know.

1.2 (4/17/2008)

FIXED: When marking the cartridge as complete, the code was using the old cartridge name even after a global find/replace. Note: The stage with the planet is a little small. Please pay attention to the location when it displays on your list. Colorado units like to zero out before displaying the next stage.

1.1 (4/15/2008)

Fixed an exception with the fourth stage question--Colorado build only. Had to include the lua math library. The builder likes to change my code.

1 (4/14/2008)

1.7 (9/16/2010)

This update fixes the issue with the Planet zone not being visible. While I had it active and visible, the previous cartridge version has its distance at forty feet, meaning the zone only came up at that distance. Now, the zone displays all the time. By the way, the shortest and easiest of my cartridges (in time to play) is either "Gegeodon Revived" or "Mac Menagerie".

1.6 (8/23/2010)

Changes: 1) Stability at the courthouse 2) I'm now showing the "Planet" zone because it's difficult to find