Bake Off

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4 stars

First Comment, LOTS OF MUD (We Were Warned), Good Fun, But do it at the end of a long dry spell, or as we did, in wellies. Used an Achos 101-G9 Turbo Android Tablet running where-You-go, which performed better than the Asus pocket P.C. I have used previously

Locations (6)
Spring, Moorings, Brambles, Chestnut Trees, Camp, Tupperware Box

Inventory (10)
Bottle, Fish, Apples, Wooden Torch, Flour, Blackberries, Fishing Rod, Baking Tray,
Chestnuts, Coins

Completed Tasks (4)
Buy Flour, Forage Ingredients, Find Tupperware, Collect Water

Baked (68% I think)
Flat Bread, Apple Crumble, Blackberry Tart, Nut Baklava, Fish En-Croute

Failed to get Honey