Bucks Berks Border Crossing

Groundspeak Premium Member Delta68 played Bucks Berks Border Crossing

5 stars

Luckily the weather forecast was very good for today so we made an early start from home to make the most of the day, arriving in Marlow at 7.30 am. We were ready to launch the kayak before 8am. The river soon got busy with ‘boat race’ type boats in training so we had to be careful not to get in their way, not to mention the many swans out on the river! Halfway through the process Mark mentioned that there was a disconcerting amount of water in the kayak and that we ought to tip it out so we landed at the side of the river, clambered out, hoisted the kayak out and when he went to remove the drain plug.... Ah! That might explain a thing or two. The drain plug hadn’t been closed since our last trip! Doh!

After about two hours the mission was complete and we were able to locate the cache. This Wherigo was brilliant fun and we will remember this one for a very long time, it was quite hard going at times, the downstream paddling was fairly easy but upstream paddling much harder and Donna's arms and shoulders were certainly aching after. This is the fifth 'fox, chicken, grain’ Wherigo we have completed so working out the order in which to do things was not a problem but this was certainly the most authentic! Heated seats in the cachemobile did a great job of drying out our wet bums after.