The Baron's Town

Groundspeak Premium Member Viphya played The Baron's Town

5 stars

I started this fun little adventure after my car left me stranded in Fairfax one evening. I didn't have time to complete the tour and find the cache til a couple weeks later. It was definitely the most fun I've ever had waiting for the tow truck! It was a fun and easy tour - especially since I was already very familiar with Fairfax. The cartridge got stuck on a couple screens, but nothing major, and I was able to find the cache easily. I was not able to get a completion code if there was suppose to be one. I thought I may have missed something and went back to see if there was another step, but the only thing I think I missed was one 'location' that disappeared whenever I got close to it, and only showed up as a location when I was about 100' away. Thanks for putting this together! I'm definitely going to have to check out more wherigos.