Wellsboro Walking Tour

Groundspeak Premium Member r.e.s.t.seekers played Wellsboro Walking Tour

5 stars

This was the first WherIGo that we had ever seen - a few years ago. Since then we adopted Oreo, the GPS unit that can play the game. We are still learning much about it, such as Oreo plays best when he only has one game loaded at a time. (Perhaps if he were a Pennsylvania unit, he wouldn't get so confused.) Anyhow, we had fun learning about Wellsboro and found the end to be right outside our window from the night before. We're still fighting with the Builder on what was supposed to be a fun active tour of Penn State, but has downgraded to walking from place to place - and it still doesn't work. So we're especially impressed that this cartridge worked so well and is so involved with such a horrible Builder.