Lehigh Canal at the LVGGP Wherigo Tour

Groundspeak Premium Member Team4G played Lehigh Canal at the LVGGP Wherigo Tour

5 stars

Going for the "One Busy Day at the Geopark". Didn't do the whole park but it sure felt like it, (I need a bike LOL).
This is my first Whereigo and it was one of the best adventures I've had yet!
I learned so much. Who would have guessed all the different things that were here. It doesn't look like it would fit but I guess if you got rid of the trees it would.
I started using the Oregon not understanding how this would work. Well that was quickly answered. just follow the GPS until the batteries run out. Ugh. Hooray, I was saved by the android! Yes I already downloaded the cartridge and began again. Luckily I wasn't that far away from the start. It worked great, without a hitch.
Thank you for introducing me to a new cache experience. I will defiantly do more of these.
Annie (MrsG)