Headless Boatman

Groundspeak Premium Member SAS & cie played Headless Boatman

5 stars

Cartridge played...3 times!
As we met duck3 on the first WIG in Waterloo village, he told us about this one we didn't have in our Garmin as it was published after we left home Friday. So we accompany him but I froze on the last step, too scare to cross the dam.
I returned with my partner Jhonnybee later on and he did, crossing the dam and sign the logbook.
Later on, someone at the information tent was able to transfer the cartridge in my GPS. For the third time we did it, I wanted to get the "unlock code" Unfortunatly it is not valid...maybe because it was transfered and not downloded?
Anyway, it was fun! Another great one, 5 stars!