Tswaing Meteorite Crater

Groundspeak Premium Member rodnjoan played Tswaing Meteorite Crater

5 stars

A group of geocachers started this Wherigo at about 09h30 and spent a number of hours moving from point to point as directed by the cartridge. It was a delightful experience and we were very impressed by the detailed information about the surroundings that was communicated at each point.
It was equally impressive to find that the cartridge communication was in two languages and it was possible to switch between the languages at any stage.
Some of us discovered that our devices were not able to run the cartridge continuously for the more than 3 hours that it took to move from start to finish and as a result ended up relying on the cartridge running on the devices of some of our friends.
This experience was amazing and our congratulations go out to RickZA who compiled this delightful cartridge.