J2B2: Village Robot

Groundspeak Premium Member Forest-Ghost played J2B2: Village Robot

5 stars

I have been wanting to play this wherigo ever since I started geocaching as it was one of the very first cartridges that I looked at after discovering wherigo. A couple months ago me and curlycue109 decided to plan a trip to Seattle and so this one came on the radar to play while we were in town. After downloading the cartridge to my iPhone and android I soon realized that this one was not working on the current players. I messaged J2B2 who was kind of enough to make the cartridge open source but unfortunately at this point we had left on the trip already and I didn't not have my computer. I posted to the geocaching forums to see if anyone would be interested in updating the cartridge and sure enough Ranger Fox generously re-worked this cartridge to play on modern devices!

This cartridge is really creative and it was really fun to play it as we explored through the Gas Works Park. All of the art work is top notch and there are many fun interactions in the cartridge that make this so much more than a regular zone to zone wherigo. A really creative story too. Thanks so much Ranger Fox for reviving this awesome wherigo and thank you J2B2 for such a great cart! I think this might be my all time favorite WIG!