Penguin Escape!

Groundspeak Premium Member Princess Lisa played Penguin Escape!

5 stars

Had a great time while playing this at the zoo today. As others have mentioned, the Penguins really have escaped! It looks like they are going to have a great new home to return to in 2009. There were a few places that when the cartridge told me I had arrived somewhere, that I was really a little ways away from where I needed to be to find answers. After consulting the zoo map I found everywhere that I needed to be.

I must have done something wrong though, because I finished the cartridge, but didn't get an unlock code and when I tried to upload my saved game, it said that I hadn't completed it yet. I have a zoo membership, so next time I am there, I will head back to the Penguins (or where they should be) and see if I can get the code.