Bake Off

Groundspeak Premium Member AmayaTom played Bake Off

This was pretty tough to do at night with a PocketPC. Took me almost an hour and a half to bake the following:

- flatbread
- blackberry tart
- nut baklava
- fish en croute

The PocketPC struggles to show very much on the screen at once and then doesn't allow you to scroll down, so I was having to walk around randomly hoping stuff I couldn't see on the screen would become one of the closest items and then get displayed (as nearest stuff gets displayed higher up the screen than further stuff), but when you have no idea which direction things are, this isn't easy. I think I never even realised there was an apple tree! (I guess that now from past logs). Had no luck getting the honey, just kept getting stung. Finally gave up as I knew I had done enough to log it. An interesting idea! TFTC