Where You Go To Find Pineapples

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Well, we decided to go for our 400th find today and do our first Wherigo at the same time. We attempted this one months ago but the trails were a bit too icy and since we had nothing better to do today we figured we'd give it a go again.

Found the first zone with no problem, what a great view, stopped to snap some pictures and then off to the next zone. We were really looking forward to hiking through the Bruce Trail but we didin't realize that we'd be hiking the same 1km section of trail so many times. Instead of doing half a dozen re-directs between two stages, it would have been nice to see half a dozen "DIFFERENT" zones throughout the expanse of the trail. Don't get me wrong, We're all for excercise, and have no problem hiking 8 plus km. but it would have been nicer to see a larger section of the trail. None the less, we achieved our goal and completed the cartridge.