Die Hard 3

Groundspeak Premium Member leenie222 played Die Hard 3

3 stars

We played this for GC7WY4Z in Westchester County, NY, USA.

This was a very difficult puzzle. After trying 2 different ways to solve this puzzle and disarming the bomb, but getting the message that we were not eco-efficient, we were very frustrated.

We finally figured out that we needed to use all three containers, not like the usual Die Hard solve, which we googled, nor like in the movie.

The dairy woman puzzle was also very difficult, but luckily was not timed. Google was our friend for that solution.

It was a big relief to complete this and get the ABCD we needed for the geocache location and the WIG code.

It also seems impossible to solve within 1 hour, unless we missed something.

The cartridge generally worked well on our iphone and android. We did have one glitch on the android where no matter what we did, we could not turn the tap off. Thus making it impossible to continue the game at that point.