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Groundspeak Premium Member wozainali played Grassington Moor Lead Mines on 11/8/2019


Well, looks like FTL, not ftf. Started on a bit of a low note. Parked up at Yarnbury and immediately stepped into something Fido left behind. Thanks, Fido's owner. Set off into what the Met Office promised would be a sunny day but turned out to be a horizontal drizzle, driven by an icy wind. Luckily the Wherigo worked on my old Oregon and I seemed to get most of the questions right without too much trial and error.

I've hiked around this area quite a few times before, so most of the locations were familiar. Finally got to the last stage, and there was the cache. Unfortunately the log wasn't empty, so when at the recent Event I thanked everyone for coming, one name should now be struck off the list . At least my cache donation was larger (CNY 1 is worth about 10p ), so there!

All in all, a good hike. And finally the sun did come out, so walked back under a blue sky. TNL1Y


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