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Groundspeak Premium Member Team_Van_Baelen played The Hobbit (english version) on 8/23/2020

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One of our intentions of 2020 is to score a long streak. We were able to colour the months of January, February, March, April, May, June and July fully yellow, so now we are also tackling August. We don't know how long we can continue this, but hopefully we are on the road for a long adventure.

We therefore were looking for a cache that was easy to log, and since this cache was in our neighbourhood, we were heading to this one.

This Wherigo has a nice thema, namely "The Lord of the Rings". We were travelling through Middle Earth, via The Shire, Rivendell, The Misty Mountains, The Blue Mountains, Erebor, De Noordelijke Landen, Laketown and The Sea of Rhûn back to The Shire. We brought back The One Ring and The treasure of the dwarves, and received the cache as a reward.

We could easily find and log the cache thanks to the good coordinates.

Found it! TFTC!
#691 - GWC#21


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