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Groundspeak Premium Member FatherTurtle played Whack-A-Looney on 9/19/2016

Rating: 4 stars

A number of weeks back, I set my goal to whack some Looneys at the Carp Fairgrounds. Having my daughter with me helped. I started the Wherigo app, gave her the iPhone, and said "Run!". With some guidance as I trailed behind her, and a couple of games later, we were rewarded with a game-winning score of 518 in Looney mode. We got an unlock code that didn't work on the Wherigo site, and the "final" coordinates were not coughed up. After some correspondence with the CO, this was identified as unexpected behaviour. (Thank you for providing the final coordinates!)

A few nights ago, I ventured out after work. I parked in a nearby parking lot and noticed that the light was fading, so I went into my trusty bag of tools to find that someone had filched my flashlight. Dang. Well, fading light is better than no light, so off I went. After searching around for a few minutes, I was thinking it would be a bust without the light. But I walked around GZ one more time and finally spotted the cache.

The game cartridge has since been updated, so I will download it and try it again (meaning make my daughter run) so I can officially get the final coords from the cartridge.

Thanks for the fun, Starkiller_!


Groundspeak Premium Member cd.cuts played Whack-A-Looney on 10/17/2015

Rating: 5 stars

We played this fun Wherigo cartridge with our friend missbug.
With her Garmin Oregon and ours, we had two units for three people. So, missbug and I started to run around like we had lost our mind. We had both chosen the "geomob" level. At the end, missbug only had 405 points, and my own GPS crashed just before the game was over, not leaving any score.

With the cold weather it was hard on missbug's lungs, so she declined a second run.
D was supposed to swap with me, and use my GPS, but considering that it crashed on my run, he chose to try out his cell phone instead. So, I decided to run my second try with our GPS at the same time as him. His cell phone "run" turned into a fiasco "walk", as the information was not updating correctly for him. But luckily, my own run did work, and I got exactly 700 points. Hurray! Quite a thrill to turn a GPS crash into success.

I do not consider myself to be very fit, so anyone with the will to win should get lucky at some point, provided they make a valiant attempt (or two or...). Though I would recommend to try it on a warmer day as I was coughing for a while after completing my second run, and so did missbug after her first run. It was the first snowy day of the season after all, and the cold wind was not helping...

Despite the technical and health difficulties, the game was a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing this existing concept with the Ottawa folks. It was super fun to whack various members of the geomob.


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