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Bucks Berks Border Crossing 

  • Average Rating: 5 stars
  • Created by: metal-bijou
  • Submitted by: Premium Member metal-bijou
  • Start at:  N 51° 34.678 W 000° 43.570
  • Location: n/a
  • Play Time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Date Added: 8/13/2013 2:07 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/27/2015 3:45 AM
  • Downloads: 175
  • Completions: 3

Geocache GC4HBFW

About This Cartridge

A wherigo to cross the river and find the cache 

Starting Location

River bank, north side. 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member buzio played it on 6/13/2016

Rating: 5 stars

Great wherigo. see main cache log for full details


Groundspeak Premium Member Ecky played it on 8/21/2014

Rating: 4 stars

One I couldn't have done without Amberel. He had the boat and invited me to come.
We had two Oregons and one Iphone and finished the cartridge with the Iphone.
First I made the 'usual' mistake of saying no instead of yes when finger trouble goes to the cartridge being closed, so one Oregon down.
The second was one round behind when I've tried to drop/pick up in the wrong order.
Good job Amberel was more careful with his Iphone and in the end we were able to sign the log (even though there was a problem with the Iphone cartridge as well, CO knows).
Brilliant WhereIgo, shame that one needs a boat.


Groundspeak Premium Member unowho67 played it on 4/6/2014

Rating: 5 stars

I really like wherigo caches and slowly but surely we have been trying to complete them all This was probably always going to be the most difficult to complete as we needed a boat.
We were sad to see this had been disabled on 17th March and on 23rd March we had completed all the active available wherigo caches in England BUT on the 24th March we were delighted to see this one back up and running. We made our plans and today despite the weather forecast not being too great we decided to come down and have a go anyway.

What great fun, our friend Monki has a fab inflatable Kayak, we split into teams so we could all complete this wherigo, me and Monki went first, we had great fun paddling downstream and as we have completed other wherigo's with this puzzle we knew exactly what was required and we were soon paddling back up stream. We then swapped places with Mr unowho and Blue Nora who set off on their mission which gave us a chance to have a snack and rebuild our strength for our next go. After another couple of trips each up and down the river trying to avoid the professional rowers in their boats we all made it over to the final cache.

A fantastic wherigo which we all enjoyed.


Groundspeak Premium Member Delta68 played it on 3/29/2014

Rating: 5 stars

Luckily the weather forecast was very good for today so we made an early start from home to make the most of the day, arriving in Marlow at 7.30 am. We were ready to launch the kayak before 8am. The river soon got busy with ‘boat race’ type boats in training so we had to be careful not to get in their way, not to mention the many swans out on the river! Halfway through the process Mark mentioned that there was a disconcerting amount of water in the kayak and that we ought to tip it out so we landed at the side of the river, clambered out, hoisted the kayak out and when he went to remove the drain plug.... Ah! That might explain a thing or two. The drain plug hadn’t been closed since our last trip! Doh!

After about two hours the mission was complete and we were able to locate the cache. This Wherigo was brilliant fun and we will remember this one for a very long time, it was quite hard going at times, the downstream paddling was fairly easy but upstream paddling much harder and Donna's arms and shoulders were certainly aching after. This is the fifth 'fox, chicken, grain’ Wherigo we have completed so working out the order in which to do things was not a problem but this was certainly the most authentic! Heated seats in the cachemobile did a great job of drying out our wet bums after.


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