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Time Travelin Trolley Geocache 

  • Average Rating: 5 stars
  • Created by: J2B2 and the A Team Adventures
  • Submitted by: Premium Member A Team Vallejo
  • Start at:  N 37° 48.372 W 122° 25.104
  • Location: United States
  • Play Time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Date Added: 1/24/2013 9:25 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/2/2014 10:45 PM
  • Downloads: 540
  • Completions: 28

Come Play this fun Outdoor Interactive Video Game while you discover San Francisco

About This Cartridge

You recently acquired a ticket for a ride on the famous trolleys of San Francisco. Little do you know that you are about to get more than you bargained for!

Playing time is approximately one hour, with less than a mile of walking.

The cache page can be found here: (visit link)  

Starting Location

The famous Trolley Turnaround at the Hyde St Pier. Remember, board the virtual trolley, not the real one! Cache is available between 9am-11pm. 7 days a week, parking meters are free after 6pm 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member Team Oberdorf played it on 8/11/2017

Rating: 5 stars

A funny wherigo, well programmed which made us explore places we fid not know before. One information was not found, with help of aunt wiki we could research the missing answer. Back in 2017 we have also neen able to find the cache.


Groundspeak Premium Member nachtmusik played it on 2/24/2017


Backlogging all my WIGs!


Groundspeak Premium Member Worlddiver played it on 8/18/2016

Rating: 5 stars


My family and I (that is s'Rechnerli, selschmi, chaschmi and me, Worlddiver) were visiting the U.S. from Switzerland starting July 10th to August 8th and had a really good time!
We started in Las Vegas. After a couple caches in the city and the David Copperfield show in the evening, we soon headed off to our journey.

Via Hoover Dam, we drove towards Williams, AZ. Just to get to the Grand Canyon the next morning. From there, our travel continued to Zion N.P., Bryce Canyon and then to Salt Lake City. After a day or two in this area we went back on the road again, up to Yellowstone N.P. Later on, our route brought us to Seattle, visiting a couple friends at Groundspeak's Headquarter and then south to Portland and its Original Stash as well as some other old caches.
Finally we drove along Highway 101 and 1 along the coast towards San Francisco, followed by Los Angeles, all the way down to San Diego. I really enjoyed to be back in this city where I - back in 2004 - spent two months.
Before heading to Las Vegas for our flight back home, we also visited Death Valley N.P. and experienced 119 degrees there.

*Our main goal was not geocaching but seeing a lot of your beautiful country. But of course, there were some goals to reach in GC as well: at least one cache for each state as well as trying to possibly complete the caches for Jasmer Challenge. We were lucky enough to find all but one. This was the last cache that we would have needed. We kept looking for it for about 2 hours but came up only with a DNF. But the good thing is, we have one of those caches also here in Switzerland. So it's not really a big deal, we just need to get that one. *


**Some notes about this cache:**
We did this WhereIgo this morning. We thought, it might take us about an hour. Well, in the end, it was about two hours. But two interesting hours we really enjoyed.
Unfortunately we didn't find the answer to "sign 19". Not even the staff there could help us. We were about to give up when I tried one last thing: I googled the question and sure enough, I found the correct answer. We were back in the game! Shortly later we were at the coordinates for the cache container and found it after a while. Finally we were able to log our visit.

Thank you, A Team Adventures, for this Cache.

TIME: 11:39h
TFTC, Worlddiver from Switzerland


Groundspeak Premium Member littleblkdog played it on 11/24/2015

Rating: 4 stars

Fun cartridge. Played with no problems on iPhone using app. Good theme and story with nice tour of Fisherman's Wharf area. Takes you right to the cache after tour.


Groundspeak Regular Member Halfwaytothestars played it on 3/7/2014

Rating: 5 stars

Worked fine on iPhone. Even though i have no sense of direction,
was able to figure it out. It was a fun, cute tour, took me about 90 minutes; I redid one section because I overlooked one of the steps. This would be great for a family with small children as well as adults. Well done geocache at the end, not the usual urban hyde.


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