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As an aspiring groom in General Jackson's household, recklessness has not been one of the qualities for which you, would wish to be noted. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and you are certainly desperate. Here you are in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 20th June 1863, undertaking the most reckless venture of your life.

About This Cartridge

Instead of retiring to your bed, in your lodgings in the mews at the back of Genral Jackson's town house, you sneaked into the house and hid in the cellar until the household had gone to bed. You sidled into the butler's pantry and took the key to the master's study and now find yourself creeping about like a common thief. You hear the clock in the hall strike one o'clock as you carefully pull the study door closed behind you.

It has been a difficult time, with the two deaths happening in one week. General Jackson had been ill for some time and no-one really surprised when he passed peacefully away last Friday.

The real blow was the tragic death of your sweetheart, Elsie Monday. She inexplicably fell from the study window in broad daylight and landed on the rocks outside. .. 

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