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Simple Paintball Game 

  • Average Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Created by: Marion Jensen
  • Submitted by: Basic Member Firemeboy
  • Start at:  N 41° 44.873 W 111° 44.628
  • Location: n/a
  • Play Time: Less than 1 hour
  • Date Added: 1/18/2008 11:24 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/2/2008 8:30 AM
  • Downloads: 55
  • Completions: 1

A simple game you can play on a paintball field. Time to play = 10 minutes.

About This Cartridge

This is a game you can play while playing paintball at a field up Logan Canyon in Cache Valley, Utah.  

The point of the game is to enter one of two zones in the middle of the paintball field.  Once you have entered, you have a prisoner in your charge.  Escort that prisoner to your safe zone, located behind either side of the battlefield, and you will recieve credit for a rescue.  The team with the most rescues, after 10 minutes, wins.

Your GPS will tell you when the time has expired, and will keep track of your rescues.

Images courtesy of: (visit link) - Red Flag (visit link) - Blue Flag (visit link) - Prison Camp (visit link)  

Starting Location

The starting location is away from the field, just so nobody shoots their eye out!

Please note, if you try this out on an emulator, the zones are small (10 feet across), so you will have to zoom in to see them. 

Recent Cartridge Logs:

Groundspeak Premium Member NevadaWolf played it on 1/28/2008

Rating: 4 stars

Great idea. Nice simple game that pretty much runs itself, leaving the player in the field to worry about those on the other team rather than what's popping up on his/her screen.

My only suggestions would be to add a Which Side question that hides the opposing Safe Zone. Now, in the field, it'd be dumb to run to the enemy's zone, but the cartridge does allow a hostage drop there.

Also, check out the Penguins escape cart to see about hiding/unhiding zones. I tried to get smart and grab several hostages at once, and while it gave the same message, it only had one drop. If a player leaves a prison area with a hostage, you could hide those until the player safely delivers the hostage to the Safe Zone, then reenable them to go grab another.

My two thoughts, but I highly enjoyed the game (even from Google) and had fun playing Drop the Lackey into the zones.

Thanks for the fun time!


Groundspeak Premium Member TOSY played it on 1/20/2008

Rating: 4 stars

It is a nice idea! This is one of nice sample to play with another players.
I found the player doesn't tap the wndow and the series of messages are shown when the player go to the specific zone.

After I finished the catridge, I try to unlock the cartridge with uploading the save file. But I can't. If you add the completion script to it, it will be appreciated.
(I uploaded the gwl log file)


Groundspeak Premium Member Ranger Fox played it on 1/18/2008

Rating: 5 stars

And we begin to see the power of creativity and variety of uses possible with Wherigo. Very inventive!

Could anyone have imagined this solution coming up when the site first launched? I certainly could not have.

You get five stars for using Wherigo to create a novel solution. Perhaps it's difficult to keep an honest count of hostages in paintball, I don't know. But it certainly does work.

My only suggestion: Include the time remaining, perhaps under "You See". At the least, you could define an interval of five seconds, increment a variable to keep track of time, and use that variable to change the time remaining in the clock's description or name. During play, I wondered about the time. I would think those playing paintball would as well. It should make a difference in strategy.


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