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Syofukuji Temple 

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  • Created by: hikohohodemi
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  • Start at:  N 33° 35.768 E 130° 24.823
  • Location: Japan
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The first Zen temple in Japan

About This Cartridge

Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism and its Sango (temple’s title) is Ankokuzan. The shrine was constructed by priest Yousai(Eisai), and its first chief priest was Minamoto no Yoritomo. The ground was originally Hyakudo hall owned by Sohito who lived in Hakata. The words “The First Zen Temple” on the frame tablet hung at the entrance of the temple was handwritten by emperor Gotoba. The temple owns variously national designated cultural properties such as the statue of 6th Patriarch Daikan Zenji, and the precincts of the temple is designated as a national historic site for its distinctive arrangement of buildings for a typical Buddhist temple. Zen monk Senga Osho was a unique person of Bunka and Bunsei era of Japan and he is famous for his writings and drawings with a message of salvation. In the Buddha hall is “Sanzebutsu (Buddha in the three worlds: past, present, and future)” which is a work of monk Eshin Sozu. The three Buddhas, Shaka, Amida, and Miroku, quietly sits on  

Starting Location

Syofukuji Temple Soumon (main gete) 

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