Groundspeak Premium Member cd.cuts played Fifteen

2 stars

Solved version 7 of this cartridge today. Hoping to find the cache later this month.

I was going to give this a 5-star rating after playing it with my Android cell phone because it was a fun concept, however there is no GWS file available to unlock the cartridge on this website, and no unlock code to type in manually.

So, I went through the entire cartridge one more time on our Oregon 450, knowing that it would provide the necessary file. However, it took me 35 minutes to input the measly 7 numbers. I didn't even have to solve the puzzle (which would have probably taken me 1 to 2 hours at the abysmal speed of the Oregon), but just walking 20m and selecting a digit that I already knew in advance was taking an average of 5 minutes each. Of course I saved the game every time I placed a number, without which it would have been impossible to complete the cartridge. It was freezing all the time, often to the extent that I could not even reboot the GPS manually and had to resort to pulling out the batteries to restart the device. To be honest I was expecting the Oregon experience to be significantly less enjoyable than the Android, but I think to date this was the worst responsiveness we have experienced on that GPS.

I want to leave this review on a good note though: the puzzle concept was fun and if an unlock code was provided so all devices can unlock the cartridge on the Wherigo website, it would deserve 5 stars.