Groundspeak Premium Member mm&i played Fifteen

3 stars

Playing on a Garmin Oregon 400t is an exercise in futility. The program routinely hung up from 1 to 5 minutes, while I was standing in each square. In one instance, I waited 10 minutes before declaring the GPS frozen and pulling the batteries. After 1+ hour of trying all of the tricks mentioned by "cd.cuts" in their log dated 5/6/2018, plus a few tricks of my own, I was barely able to place 4 numbers. That includes the two numbers given by the program at startup. Then the delays became longer and the freezes more common. I'm not a quitter, but this issue had me beat.

If the cartridge had worked on my unit, then I am sure that I would've been happily done with it in 10-15 minutes and then given a 5★ review. My experience was a 0★. I averaged them to a 3★. Hopefully the CO will find a way to solve this Oregon problem.