Cartridge Version History

1 (3/18/2013)

1.2 (3/26/2013)

v1.1 Fixed save/resume and fixed completion status.

1.1 (3/24/2013)

Verion 1.0 has some logic improvements. Garmin users note: code issues can cause you get stuck trying to achieve the main task. If this happens, then at the right time go find and talk to the Princess 5 times...

1.3 (7/23/2013)

1.3: Completion code fixed properly this time.

1.4 (6/16/2015)

Version 2.0, June 2015. This implements feedback and enhances dialog, instructions, and the placement of characters to reduce traipsing. Always good to reduce traipsing. If you have any trouble, seek out the princess and keep bugging her. I'm happy to receive reports from anyone who wishes to log suggestions or trouble.